Feature of the week series #13 – Audit logs in Team Settings


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, we showed you how to work with Signal History in the Action Engine.

This week, we want to introduce the Audit Logs in the Intelligent Business Cloud which provide transparency and help team administrators to manage their team.

For instance, among others, the following information is stored in audit logs

Team level

  • User invited
  • User joined
  • User created
  • User locked
  • User removed
  • PW changed (while logged in)
  • Role / Permission assigned
  • Group created
  • Group deleted
  • User added to a group
  • Uplink / connector added
  • Uplink / connector deleted
  • Uplink / connector locked

Process analytics

  • Process created
  • Process renamed
  • Process deleted
  • Analysis created
  • Analysis renamed
  • Analysis deleted

Transformation Center

  • Objective created
  • Objective renamed
  • Objective deleted

Event Collection

  • Data Pool created
  • Data Pool renamed
  • Data Pool deleted
  • Data model created
  • Data model renamed
  • Data model deleted

Action Engine

  • Skill created
  • Skill renamed
  • Skill deleted

We are going to continue enhancing the information stored in audit logs when we include new functionalities in the IBC.

Where to find Audit Logs? It is in the Team Settings, Audit Logs Tab. You can also download the audit logs as a CSV file.

The audit logs can be browsed in a list:

  1. User ID shows who did the change.
  2. The event type tells you what action was done.
  3. The date column stores when the change was done.
  4. The message stores additional information.

We hope that Audit logs will help you administrate your team more easily! How do you like this feature?

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