Feature of the week series #10 - Advanced Process Explorer Visualizations


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, we introduced how to create an Action Engine Skill from an analysis which is an extremely valuable functionality to operationalize your findings.

This week, we want to share with you the advanced process visualization capabilities of the Process Explorer component. The functionality provides flexible visualisations for processes. Within the same analysis it is possible to display the process from different perspectives, e.g. user, location, department, etc…

Check it out in the following video

Further Use Cases

Social Graphs
Show the interactions between your usergroups and single users in the process.
Connect the process information and all your business KPIs to the interactions between the involved parties in your process.

Location Interactions
Analyze the material flow, inventory management or shippments between your plants and locations.
Connect the locations and process information within the full featured Process Explorer.


  • Process Nodes have to be entries in the Acitity Table/Eventlog
  • Case When or Variables (in combination with a dropdown) can be utilized offering numerous possibilities for process graph visualization
  • Formula Editor is available to customize the process nodes
  • Functionality is only available for Process Explorer Component

What do you think? Do you have any further use cases for the advanced Process Explorer Visuzalisations?

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Very useful feature as I was wondering how to show the social aspect.

One thing I was wondering: in the video you show a dropdown box which determines which column is used in the process explorer. I’m assuming the dropdown sets a variable value which is read in a CASE WHEN statement in the custom dimension formula. Am I correct?


Indeed helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it possible to use multiple node icons for each activity just to improve visualization in same explorer?
e.g. A different icon for creation and re-work like we’ve activity color capability?
Addition to that inclusion of few more icons e.g. re-work, approval, re-submission, etc.