Feature of the week series #1 - Analysis Shortcuts


Dear Celonis Community!

In our feature of the week series, we want to show you awesome existing features, upcoming new capabilities, and use-cases in the Celonis ecosystem.

Analysis Shortcuts
This week we want to give a short preview on a new feature in the Analysis UI. We are working on keyboard shortcuts in the Analysis. This will allow you to build your Analyses even faster!

Here is a demo for copy and paste in the edit mode (ctrl+c, ctrl+v):

We are currently working on integrating:

  • Select all
  • Copy
  • Paste

@CarinaDamke was already mentioning Shortcuts in this thread. What do you think? We are happy to get your and all other community user’s input on which shortcuts we should tackle next!

We aim to release the shortcuts in January on the IBC and within the 4.5 release of Celonis 4.

Your Celonis Product Team

Please be aware that all statements regarding release dates are subject to change if we have to reprioritise our development focus.

How to create bubble charts

Dear Celonis Team,

thank you for implementing my proposal.
It looks very good :slight_smile:


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