Factory calendar in Data Model


Does anybody know the format of the calendar to be added to my data model in Calendar > use calendar options > Factory calendar > SELECT TABLE FROM POOL?

João Paulo

Hi João,

have you had a look at Maximilian’s feature of the week post?

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Hi João,

the factory calendar table that you can configure in the data model settings needs to be in the SAP TFACS calendar format. It is described in the PQL documentation: help.celonis.cloud/help/display/CIBC/WORKDAY_CALENDAR
If you have an SAP TFACS calendar already in your source system, you can specify it here. In the Analysis, it can be referenced in the WORKDAYS_BETWEEN, ADD_WORKDAYS and the WORKDAY_CALENDAR option of REMAP_TIMESTAMPS.

The calendar described in @v.kalversberg s post is a different one. t doesn’t require to be added in the data model calendar settings. This calendar is a table in your data model that contains time intervals that can be used in throughput time calculation using REMAP_TIMESTAMPS. It is documented here: help.celonis.cloud/help/display/CIBC/FACTORY_CALENDAR

I just noticed that the naming of the different calendars is not consistent and therefore confusing, I will forward this such that it will be more self-explaining in the future.