Export OLAP Table to CSV

Hello Fellows,

I created a customised OLAP Table. I right now, I have the
chance to export to (“PNG”). That’s it. Can I somehow
export it to CSV or Excel? Thanks for help.

Best regards
Christian Klose

Hi ChrisChross,

It is already possible to export the content of an OLAP table, but this has to be activated in the Analysis Settings. Please note that not every user role in Celonis is allowed to do this.
If you are allowed (for instance, if you are Admin), you go to ‘Analysis Settings’ by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. Then you go to the ‘General Settings’ tab, where you can select export settings.

Kind regards,

Nice Jan-peter, you solved it. Thank you!

Glad that I could help you! Can you mark your question as ‘solved’ to help our fellow community visitors?