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The Celonis User data file is very limited. Many useful information coming from the AD cannot be used.it would be of great help if at least 5 flexible fields would be available which can be synchronised. These fields of course should be searchable and exportable. We would synchronise fields like company code; country, AD group.
We also want to have a better understanding when the last login was or who never logged in.Those is basic information every system normally gives.

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You can enable login of user activities via config file, so at least you can have login stats. Have a look at access-logging.properties.sample in component_configuration folder in Celonis app root directory. Make changes, rename into access-logging.properties and restart Celonis. Should work. You can set it up to use DB instead of text file for future analysis. Never tried to pull it into Celonis data model.


Hello @Hans.van.der.Zandt,

I think your question about how to log the interaction of Celonis Users with your instance is answered, correct? Thanks Nicolai!

Please excuse, I was not sure for what you might want to use the data coming from the AD:
If you want to use the information to set permissions, on e.g. Analyses, you can sync the AD Groups and use them to set group permissions.
If you want to filter your analysis according to which user is seeing it (for example filter all data to the company code in which he/she is working or to the country where he/she is from) you can use Authorisation Objects in the Data Model.

Is there another use-case you would like to cover?


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Dear Michael,

Thanks for your post.
I have not tested that yet. But I will keep it in mind.
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Dear Nick,

A little bit late but thanks for the advice.
I will test ist…