Execute Workflow in Action Configuration not found

Dear Celonis team,

Looking at help page of Action Configuration, I can see the option ‘Celonis: Execute Workflow’.

I login to my IBC DCP instances but I could not find it. Also not found in training environment too. Where I can try it ?

Hey @kaztakata,

Workflows is one of our upcoming products which is currently in its BETA-Phase, meaning it isn’t available by standard, thus you can’t see the option to create a new Workflow. If you have an use-case, where this option could be deployed or is needed, I’m happy to setup contact with our Appstoreteam so you guys can figure out a solution.

Best Regards,


Dear Benedict,

Thanks for your reply.
For the moment I am just investigating feasibility of Action Engine, so I do not have clear use-case.
I expect it works like SAP: General Transaction option, and communicate with arbitrary systems and operate them like RPA.

If you have something introduction document of Workflows, could you share with me ?

Best regards,