Exclude list of values on clipboard in a dashboard



Sometimes users need to exclude a list of part numbers from an analysis. I was wondering if there was a way for a viewer to copy a list of part numbers (e.g. from and Excel spreadsheet) into their clipboard, paste it into a filter in Celonis and have the dashboard exclude those parts from the analysis.

At the moment, I have this capability working for shorter lists, by using a Button Dropdown to load a variable and have the dashboard filter exclude values in that variable. But I I am running into an issue with bigger lists (thousands of possible values). I believe there is a limit to the amount of values a Button Dropdown could hold.


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unfortunately you are right. Currently Celonis Button Dropdown only allow up to 500 selections at one time. One way as a workaround would be to have 2 (or more) dropdown buttons where you paste 500 part numbers that should be excluded and keep on going for all the part numbers that should be excluded. After applying those filters you can invert the selection (that they get excluded) by clicking on the filter selection on the very top bar.
I will forward this to our development team.

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Hi Viana,

Thanks for the response. Can you clarify how the filter selection can be inverted? I’m not aware of this feature.




Hi Alex,

With our new version 4.5 you can actually do exactly what you were asking for.
Copy paste from an excel sheet, paste it into the attribute selection and invert the filter with the new invert selection capability:

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