Error: Table "EKPO" is not a child of table "EKBE" - Three way match formula - PU_ function

Hi Team,

I am trying to use standard Three way match formulas from App store.

It is showing the below error message:
Pull-Up-Function could not be executed. Table “EKPO” is not a child of table “EKBE”. Use a non Pull-Up-Function instead.

In the data model, the tables “EKPO” (case table) and “EKBE” are joined on the columns “MANDT”, “EBELN” & “EBELP”.

Could you please suggest what could be the cause of the issue?

Hi Team,

The data model is showing the join between “EKBE” to “EKPO” as 1:n. Hence, in Celonis, “EKBE” has become child table I believe. This looks opposite to usual.

Can you suggest if it is only due to underlying data or is there any setting available to do in the model to modify to specify the right relationship between the 2 tables?



I guess that in your case, you actually have a 1:1 relationship in your data between the two tables, which means that there are no duplicates in the (foreign) keys of both tables. However, all join relationships are always regarded as 1:N relationships in Celonis.

In the case of a 1:1, it cannot be determined automatically what the N-side and what the 1-side of the join is (because both is possible). Instead, the order set in the data model editor is used. The table on the left (source table) is then taken as the child table (1 side), and the one on the right (target table) is taken as the parent table (N side):

So in order to fix the issue, I would suggest to flip the tables of the foreign key in the data model editor. In your case, the EKPO table should be on the left, and the EKBE table should be on the right. After doing that, you need to do a complete reload of your data model.

Hope this helps!


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