Dynamic Formatting in OLAP table


I have a table that can either show Volumes or Ratios of Sales Orders fulfilling a particular criteria. I have a drop-down which allows the user to select “Volume” or “Ratio” and the numbers in the table update accordingly.

The issue is that when I flip to ‘Ratio’, I am not able to dynamically format the numbers as a %. Is there any way to specify the number format within the function editor?


I found a solution that ought to work soon:

Create a second variable called ‘formatting’. Then go to your drop-down and for each of your KPIs click “Add another variable”. Set the variable “formatting” to “.2%” for ratio (if you want to than 2 decimal points just change the 2 to a different number). If you want your Volume KPI to have the format “#.##k” then set formatting to “.3s”.

As a next step you would go to your dynamic KPI and write “<%= formatting %>” in the box next to “Format”. Unfortunately, this step currently doesn’t work properly as Format doesn’t yet accept variable inputs.

I have made a service desk ticket reporting the bug to our delivery team on your behalf so this solution should work as soon as they have fixed that. Please be patient with us. I will let you know if I have more information for you.

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Hi @c.eckert,

On top of this, Can we also have series color mapping to accept dynamic values?
It will very helpful if target of KPIs are dynamic basis on the selection. :slight_smile:


Hi Kalpesh,

I just tested it (in the IBC), yes colour mappings accept variables in the place of colour thresholds.

Just create a new variable for every threshold you want to have. And add them all to the drop-down where you select the KPI, setting the values for each variable so they suit that particular KPI and finally create a new colour mapping for the dynamic KPI in your OLAP table. Instead of writing a number for each threshold, write <%= your_threshold_variable_name %> in the boxes. Then when you select a KPI from the drop down the formula will change and so will the colour mapping thresholds.

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Sorry, we’re using v4.5. :wink:

No problem. I just checked. It works in Celonis 4.5 too :slight_smile: