Dropdown filter for cases which include certain activity


I am trying to create a dropdown filter, where users can select activities and get all cases which pass through these activities. I tried 2 versions:

  1. Using CASE WHEN and returning ‘TABLE’.‘ACTIVITY’ when it fits a certain pattern (with e.g. ‘TABLE’.‘ACTIVITY’ LIKE ‘String%Example%’). The problem here is that if I select any activity in the filter, my report is filtered just for the date of that activity and not the whole process chain. I.e. if I have a case that spans over 4 months, this filtering will only return that month when the activity happened.

  2. Using CASE WHEN with PROCESS EQUALS and listing 1 activity in each WHEN option. It looks something like this:

WHEN PROCESS EQUALS ‘Activity A’ THEN ‘Activity A’
WHEN PROCESS EQUALS ‘Activity B’ THEN ‘Activity B’


However this filter doesn’t work with other filters and presents only 1 option. If I filter for some specific case which includes 5 of listed activities, this filter only allows me to select the first listed option. So filtering e.g. for Case 001 which should have Activities A,B,C,D,E will only allow to select the very first option which would be A, but I would like to see all 5 listed.

Is there any way to solve this topic?

Thanks for any help.

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Hello Andrej,

welcome to the community!

If I understand you correctly, you want to create a filter with which you can select individual activities and filter on the cases in a sheet that contain these activities. Is that correct so far?

In this case you can simply create a dropdown and configure it as follows:

Enter for the Dropdown Items this statement “Activity Table”.“Activity Names in EN”.

If you now filter on the activities you have selected, a filter for your activities will appear in the bar and only the cases containing the selected activities will be considered in your analysis.

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thanks for a fast response.

Yes, you understand it correctly, the idea is to have a dropdown filter of activities and selecting certain activity will filter the sheet/analysis for all cases that include this activity.

However my biggest problem is that using just “Acitivity Table”.“Activity Names in EN” will always return only the eventtime of that activity. I want to focus on column charts that display complete process chains (from 1st activity to the last) and using this type of logic will filter only for a specific date in the process chain and most of the graph info is lost.

This is how my chart looks for 1 specific case (that passes through certain activities I want in my filter).
It’s a weekly view and the whole process chain (across 3 weeks) is seen.

If I try to use activities to filter for 1 specific activity in my filter, I only get the week when the activity occurs, instead of still getting the whole process chain.

To summarize, I would like to filter for 1 activity and see entire process chains of cases that pass through that activity.

I hope it’s a bit clearer, looking forward to any response.


Hi Andrej,

I tried to reconstruct your issue. As far as I understand it, it works as shown below!

I filtered for two cases, both with six activities. On the left side you can see the respective event times of the activities, accordingly they are summarized in the bar chart on the right. If this is not what you are looking for, I need the following further information:

  • What exactly should be shown in the bar chart? The cases or the activities per calendar week?
  • What do you mean by displaying process chains? Do you want to show something else than the number of activities/cases?