Dropdown button automatically changes table columns

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I was trying to do the same as one of Celonis examples, where a drop down button changes the initial dimension column in a OLAP table, at the same time as it changes the table title.


Dropdown button selection - Company code -> Title "Purchase Order by Company code

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Hello @Fdsramires97 ,

You can easily look at the code implemented in any of the Demo.

  1. Open Any Demo Analysis having that OLAP Table Component with the functionality.
  2. Open the analysis sheet in EDIT Mode.
  3. Check the Table Title and Dimensions by Right Click on the OLAP Table>> Settings.

4.Also check the Variables used and the Code for the same by Clicking on
Sheet Analysis Settings>> Variables>>(Click the variable you want to see)

I don’t know your source System data.
Just read the code and you can easily implement the same for your source system data by mentioning the Table Names and Alias.

Hope this helps. Thank You.

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Thank you very much!