Distribution of Eventtimes for Specific Activities

Hi together,

I have the following question. To check if a SAP batch run for the invoice creation is scheduled at the best time I would like to check when the manual invoice creations occuring normally at a day.

For example:
Batch runs at 15 PM, but most of the invoices are created manually at 10 AM (for whatever reason). So it would be maybe better to run the batch at 10AM.

I’m thinking about a graph or diagramm whichs shows me the time as a dimension (in hours, 8AM, 9AM and so on) and the number of invoice creations at the different points of time at a day.

Is something like this possible? Are there any suggestions?

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Hey Friedemann,

Yes, it is possible and actually relatively simple. Just use the Datefunction HOURS() with the according timestamp for this purpose as a Dimension and a COUNT_TABLE() as KPI. It would probably look like this for invoice creations:

Dimension: HOURS(“VBRP”.“ERZET”)

Keep in mind that for the specific purpose of invoice creation you also have to chose the correct VBRP.AUTYP (SD document category) and the correct Users. For Invoices you would probably have to add a component filter which should look something like this:

FILTER VBRP.AUTYP = ‘M’; FILTER VBRP.ERNAM NOT IN (‘List’, ‘Of’, ‘YOUR’, ‘Automatic’, ‘Users’)

Keep in mind this only works correctly when the datamodel allows it to. If in your data model the table VBRP is inner joined with a table that eradicates the invoices from the table, you won’t be able to create this diagramm.

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