Display UST to CST

Hi Team,

This is my first post. Please let me know if this is not the place to post a question like this. I need help with a statement.

I want to know how I can convert this statement: max("_CEL_AR_ACTIVITIES"."_CELONIS_CHANGE_DATE") to a timestamp in CST. I have put this in a text component.

The statement above works, but I have to keep telling my users that take that time and minus 5 hours. It always causes my team to break for a second and do that math, :).

I would like it if I can just have it converted to CST if possible. Thanks in advance.

Hi Paresh,

You are absolutely correct with posting here, welcome! :slight_smile:

In order to subtract 5 hours from the calculated time, you can use the following PQL formula:


Best regards,
Your Data Science Team

Thank you very much. I tried this before and it did not work, i think it was because I did not add the add_hours parameter prior to the statement.

This worked great, thank you for your help.