Display activitynames in local language under Selectviews

Hi Team,

My activity table contains casekey, Activityname_EN, Activityname_locallang, Eventttime. I managed to read the process explorer activities in locallang by using Activityname_locallang field in activity table. But in Selection views, all the activitynames are reading as English text instead of local language.

Can you suggest a way forward to read the text of activitynames in locallanguage?

Hi Mala,

Have you checked by changing the language as your local language in the Edit Profile section.


Hi Pooja,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, the local language(Swedish) is not listed the profile list. I managed to display the process explorer in local lang as I maintain a seperate field for local lang activityname in activity table But in selection views, it still read in English but not the local lang activitynames.

Any other suggestions?