Difference / number of days between 2 dates

Hi all,

I would like to know the day between 2 dates but using the PQL “DAYS_BETWEEN” it is not working.

I need to know how many day passed between a creation of anagrafic vendor (“LFA1”.“ERDAT”) and creation PO (“EKKO”.“AEDAT”), an between creation of anagrafic vendor (“LFA1”.“ERDAT”) and invoice (“RBKP”.“CPUDT”).

Thank you


Please someone can help me ?

I juste need to do date1 - date2 but I do not find the right formulas on PQL.


Hi Laura,

you can get the number of days between two dates with DAYS_BETWEEN.

What does not work for you here? Do you get an error message? Or do you get a wrong result? How does the exact query that you tried look like?



I guess your columns are not in DATE format,if so, you can use TO_TIMESTAMP(“Table”.“StringColumn”, ‘YYYYMMDD’ ) to convert into DATE format
or another reason could be No or N-N relationship within object.


Hi Amogh,

My field are DATE and Celonis recognizes them as such.

My dates are in a first time :

  • “LFA1”.“ERDAT”
  • “EKKO”.“AEDAT”

and in a second time :

  • “RBKP”.“CPUDT”
  • “LFA1”.“ERDAT”