Department for Celonis support in your company (IT)

Dear Celonis Community,

as we are just in the handover phase from initial implementation project to support I wonder where the support for the Celonis implementation in your company is positioned (which department).
In our case (IT service provider company) e.q. we have different departments; one being “Global Application Management”. GAM has different areas like “GAM-Sales” for Sales Processes being responsible for all Sales applications used in our mother company. Then there is also “GAM-Finance”, “GAM-Logistics”, “GAM-BusinessIntelligence” and a few more.

The plan is, as Celonis will provide us some kind of reporting capabilites (not financial reporting, but process reporting), to place it in responisbility of “GAM-BusinessIntelligence”. The department is also responsible for SAP BW and other reporting applications.

What is your approach in your company?

Thank you very much for your insights!

Cheers and have a nice christmas season :slight_smile:

Hi, we have it the same. The same team that is responsible for reporting applications is now Celonis support. At least so far, we are relatively new to Celonis.

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we have it the same way :slight_smile:

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