Default filter always at startup


ist there a possibility to set specific filter criteria as basis for an analysis so that Viewers can disable them if needed but per default it is enabled.
e.g. majority of users don’t want to see deleted orders in the beginning and want to switch them on in a later phase
as background analsis filter they don’t have the rights to manipultate the filter
as classical analysis filter once the deselect it they forget to reselect it in their next case

best regards


Hi Christian,

Yes there is an easy way to do so. You have to slightly adjust the analysis filter, using SELECT PINNED rather than FILTER. Find an example below to select all PO Items that haven’t been deleted.


The viewer will see the filter when opening the analysis, but can easily deactivate it by clicking on the playback button (or, by clicking on the filter, select any other value(s) to be selected).



Hello Lucas,
thanks that’s waht I was looking for.
In your example the name mapping is working unfortunately in my analysis not - I still see “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” although it is part of global name mapping.
Is there an additinal checkbox or something I have to enable?
Or can I check the name mapping except exporting from the data model to excel?

as normal filter I use:
CASE WHEN ISNULL(“EKPO”.“LOEKZ”) = 1 THEN ‘not deleted’ WHEN “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” = ‘S’ THEN ‘locked’ WHEN “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” = ‘L’ THEN ‘deleted’ ELSE “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” END

which gives the viewer a easy readable selection - would that be possible for select pinned as well?

best regards


Hi Christian,

Not sure why your name mapping isn’t applied there, however you can include a selection label (which will override the column name) by adding AS "TITLE" between the column and operator, see example below:

SELECT PINNED “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” AS “Deletion Indicator” != ‘L’;

You can include the case when statement as well, that should replace "EKPO"."LOEKZ", and you should change the argument in the logical expression from 'L' to 'deleted'. Full statement should then be:

SELECT PINNED CASE WHEN ISNULL(“EKPO”.“LOEKZ”) = 1 THEN ‘not deleted’ WHEN “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” = ‘S’ THEN ‘locked’ WHEN “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” = ‘L’ THEN ‘deleted’ ELSE “EKPO”.“LOEKZ” END AS “Deletion Indicator” != ‘deleted’;

Hope that solves it! Best,


Hello Lucas,
Thank you that was exactly what I was looking for.
best reagrds