Default Case Count in total and percentage in top left corner


Hi all,

We’ve build up a general process dashboard including data for all countries we are operating in. I’d like to reference the default case count in the top left corner always to the selected country (selected country = 100%) instead of showing the case count based on all countries (selected country != 100%).

Is there any possibility to change the logic behind the case count without the necessity to create dashboards per country?


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Hi Oli,

It’s not really clear to me from your question how your selecting the country of interest or whether you already have a way to select the country already implemented in. I just going to go ahead with explaining a solution that fits my interpretations of your situation. I’m deliberately being as detailed and beginner friendly as possible in my explanation, so I apologies if it is a bit long winded but as this is a public forum it might help others in similar situations in the future.

As a first step (if you haven’t done it already) you need to make Button Dropdown component so your users can select a country. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Create a new variable called “Countries” (click on the three lines icon at the top of your screen -> Analysis settings -> Variables)

  2. Create a Button Dropdown Component and select “Load Entires”.

  3. Open the formula editor and select your Country variable (write down the technical names of the table and column, as shown in the fomular box as we will need this in a later step).

  4. Next to write to variable, select your new variable “Countries”

  5. Write “,” (Comma) as the separator, and “’” (single quotation mark) as the wrapping Character

  6. (Optional) set the title to display the countries selected by writing something like “Selected Countries: <%= Countries %>”

The solution I am presenting here is designed to give your viewers the option of selecting multiple or even all countries. If you don’t want them to be able to select one than one country at a time, then just deactivate the Advanced Option “Allow multiple selections”.

The next step is to add a filter to the Component so that it only counts cases selected in the Country/Countries selected in the drop down:

  1. Open the Component Filter page (by right clicking on the component and selecting “Component Filter”)

  2. Write "FILTER “technical table name”.“technical column name” IN (<%= Countries %>)”

If you ever want to make the countries filter apply to the entire sheet you can apply a sheet filter. Click on the sheet name -> then on the gears icon that appears next to the name -> Load script -> write in same filter code used in the Component filter. Note: if the country selection is on the same sheet then it is also affected by the filter making it impossible to select a different country than the one selected already, you can get round this by select the advanced option “Component is not filtered with selections”.

I hope this helps, if you have further questions or I have misunderstood your situation then please write back with more details and we will try to help you further.

Best wishes,

Calandra (Celonis Data Science Team)


Hi Calandra,

thanks for the fast and very detailed feedback - appreciated :smile:

Reading my post again, I realize that I described the issue quite poorly. We already have the possibility to filter by country via the attribute selection (thus, the selected country is applied in the whole analysis by applying the filter, which is exactly what we want to do).

However, the issue that I have is the default case count in the top left corner. When selecting e.g. Germany I see e.g. 20% of all cases instead of 100% since I filtered out other available countries. However, I’d like to reference the case count on the country selection, so that I see 100% case count when selecting Germany. In this way I could help viewers on country level to interpret results and put it to the context of the individual country.

See here one of the use cases I’m thinking of:
Analyzing the PO’s created after invoice day on country level, the user can set a process flow filter on cases which start by the creation of the invoice and are followed anytime by the creation of a PO item. Let’s say the user selects Germany and wants to see how many percent of all POs for Germany have been raised after invoice day. But the case count in the left corner shows already the percentage of selected cases based on the county selection (in this example 20%). If in this example 10% of the POs are raised after invoice, the default case count would show 2% (10% of 20%) instead of the 10%.

(I know that for this example I could simply create a KPI which takes only the selected attributes into account [which I already did], but there are further use cases for which we don’t always want to create further KPIs).

Any possibility to adjust the case count to reference it on another attribute of interest?



Hi Oli,

If I understand you correctly you want this “100%” to refer to one country?
I.e. if you have 2000 cases from Germany you want there to be written “2k of 2k 100%” ?
The totally number of cases selected (in my example 3.88k) always refers to the total of cases loaded into the analysis. The only way to change would be to add an analysis filter. But as this filter then can’t be changed dynamically inside the analysis, as there are on other countries available in the dataset as far as the analysis is concerned. You would need separate analyses for each country/ group of countries. So in other words if you add an analysis filter "FILTER “technical table name”.“technical column name” IN (‘country 1’,‘country 2’)”. In which case only those cases from those countries will be loaded into the analysis so 100% will refer to the cases from those countries.

If you want to only have one analysis, then you could try replicating this effect with KPIs. You could make ‘X of Y’, where Y is all cases for the country and X is the cases for that country filtered by what ever selections are active. You would need to make a country selection drop down as described in my previous answer and then make two case count single KPI components, activating “Component is not filtered with selections” for Y but not for X. In Y you could go to the Diagram area section of the component options and add the subtitle “of”. You would then need to add the Countries Filter from my previous answer to either both components or the whole sheet. Then as selections are added X changes but Y carries on showing the total cases for the country.

I have been unable to find a way to make a component which shows as a percentage the proportion of cases for the country selected by the current selections. As “Component is not filtered with selections” can only be applied to entire components and calculating a percentage would need the numerator to change while the denominator stays the same. I couldn’t find a function that does this. Still, by comparing X to Y the viewer can estimate the percentage difference themselves. I know it’s not ideal. I will forward your question to my colleague. It’s possible they will be able to come up with further suggestions to help you.

Best wishes,



Thanks Calandra. Indeed, this is exactly what I’m trying to set-up --> to have one Dashboard for multiple countries with the possibility to show the case count always based on the selected Country whilst not having implemented KPIs for each analysis possibility. The option having country specific dashboards would significantly increase the maintenance effort. I’ve already created the most crucial KPIs in a separate tab of the Dashboard but often end up with new ideas what to analyse and don’t always want to create a specific KPI for that purpose.

Thanks for all the help and I’m looking forward on further suggestions or new developments :slight_smile: