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Hi all,
We use the date picker quite frequently in our dashboards; however since we are still loading data manually it is quite important for our users to see what the most current data available is. The date picker already formats the days until data is available dark grey whereas the color is light grey for dates where no data was loaded. Unfortunately, we have different countries with different data sets available (e.g. Data for Germany might be loaded until 15th of March 2019 whilst Bulgaria is available until 1st of April 2019). The date picker shows, in this case, per default always every day until 1st of April 2019 in dark grey, even when the user selects Germany (data only available until 15th of March).

In order to not confuse users which date is the most current available data set I’d like to add a color coding based on the selection of the country (so that when selecting Germany the last dark grey date is the 15th of March 2019). Any ideas how to do that? And, if not possible is there any other possibility to bring in a info box which shows the date of the last data refresh which adjusts flexible based on the user selection (e.g. Country)?

Thanks! Oli

Hey Olli,

unfortunately it is not possible to add a color coding or conditional formatting to the date picker component.
One solution for an “info box” that flexibly adjusts would be an OLAP table with just one single dimension. As a dimension you add the maximum value of the column that contains the date when the data was loaded (i.e. the same column that the datepicker is based on). Your code for this dimension would look something like this: MAX(“refresh_date_column”).
This value will then change if you apply any filters. Hope that answers your question!

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Hi Viana,

thanks for the fast help. The work-around with the OLAP table works fine :slight_smile: