Data Monitoring / Data Completeness Check: SAP Tables import in Celonis Cloud

Dear all,
for whatever reason, we had the issue that there were data events missing in celonis.
In detail: In the table BSEG some rows were missing and therefore we did not had the Activity ‘Clear Invoice’ for some cases.

We have the CELONIS IBC and delta load functionality to fetch the SAP tables.

Hence, we want to introduce a Data Monitoring / Data Completeness Check.
For instance, on a monthly basis we compare the BSEG in SAP with BSEG in Celonis based on number of rows, primary keys, table content…

Has somebody already implemented some Data Governance in Celonis and how to do it?

I am sure all of you get a lot of questions from the business users about data quality, data consistency, data completeness … our goal is to have some setup to track and monitor these topics

thanks & br,