Data Model - Table Loader Pool


Can someone please help with table loader pool types?
What is difference?
Impact on data load?
When and which type should should be used?

Thank you in advance!


Hello Kalpesh,

I’m very sorry it has taken us this long to get back to you :frowning:

I don’t fully understand what you mean by “table loader pool types”?

Do you mean, what’s the difference between doing a full load and a delta load?

To answer that question: full loads extract all entries out of the relevant table in your source system that aren’t excluded by any conditions in " Filter Statement".

Delta loads by contrast are only supposed to load new entries (i.e. those cases that were created or updated in the days since the last load) these are much faster as they are not reloading old data, you already loaded last time. The initial load is always a full load and after that the scheduled loads are ordinarily delta loads. The cases included by delta loads is controlled by conditions used in “Delta Filter Statement”, which are typically hyperparameters with the date of the last load. e.g.

ERDAT >= <%=ebanLastLoadDate%>

Is this the answer you were looking for? If not, please rephrase your question.

Best wishes,


Hello Calandra,

Thank you for your detailed explanation about delta load - I will explore this feature as it seems be very useful to optimize performance while loading data model.

My original question is about existing feature/configuration under table configuration named as “Table Loader Pool”. (See below snapshot)