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i am trying the load the data in celonis system. After successful data is loaded, it shows some error like “The timestamp and sorting columns don’t define a distinct order of the activity”. Eventhough the sorting is properly defined, still the error exists. Could you please help me out?
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It is just for information purpose that the event time in activity table is not same as sort define in sort field in Activity table.

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Thanks for the response. So, Should i leave it as it is or should i have to do something to solve this error ?

leave as it is. no issue

Thanks for the fast response. But normally for other datamodel this error doesnt shown but this time it appears for new datamodel. Do you know any reason behind ?
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It happens sometime when you are loading data from file. Try it again with not providing sorting key in activity table. I faced this issue and found that activity file was not read completely and because of it there is issue in activity and sorting order…

Can you check on your side?


Sudarshan rai

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Hi Rahul.

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First of all, the message is not an error, it is a warning. The warning means that there is no distinct order of events in the Activity table, although you have defined a sorting column. This happens when two events of the same case have the same timestamp and the same sorting value. The sorting column is used as the secondary sorting criteria, which means that the Activity table is first sorted by timestamp, and in case of equal timestamp, it is sorted by the sorting column.

Therefore, you should check your source table. Otherwise the data model is still successfully loaded, however, when the sorting is not defined correctly, the numbers in your analysis might change after a data model reload (because the order of the Activities might change then, which for example produces different variants).