Data Loads option : when I should use 'Reload from Cache'?

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In IBC Event Collection, frequently I used Data Loads but still I am not sure the difference between ‘Reload from Cache’ and ‘Force Complete Reload’.
Looking at log (below picture), I found that ‘Reload from Cache’ ran every Saturday automatically. Previously I heard that it is relevant to system reboot and Cache (snapshot) is used to reload data automatically. Except for this case, when should I use ‘Reload from Cache’ ?

Why I ask it is, ‘Force Complete Reload’ is always slower than ‘Reload from Cache’, so I would like to understand the difference and use faster option as much as possible.

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Hi Kazuhiko,

“Reload from Cache” does not update the data in the Data Model tables so it can be useful in cases where you did not change the underlying data, but configurations of the Data Model.
Examples include updating a foreign key relationship or the activity column configurations.

In all cases where data has changed, you should either do a complete reload to update the data or use the API to perform a partial reload of the tables which have changed. See for details on the last point.

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Dear Leonid,

Thanks for your detail answer. I am clear.

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