Data Loading schedule after every 12 hours



Is there any simple way through which I can schedule my data model loading after every 12 hours. Currently I can see options like Hourly/Daily/CRON Config/External Trigger.



Hey asapre!
This is where the CRON config comes in (
So you can choose ‘CRON Configuration’ and put in the sequence below.
For your case, where you want to load the data model load every 12 hours, it would look like this:

0 0 0,12 * * *

This would load your data model at midnight and at 12 noon.
If you want it to schedule e.g at 6pm and 6am, it would look like this:

0 0 6,18 * * *

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for the answer, I tried to implement this but I am got an error.
Steps I did:-

  • In Data model “Loading” Tab I changed Load scheduling to CRON configuration
  • I put the values as 0 0 6,18 * * *
  • When I hit Save schedule button I get below error


Hey asapre,
I see. Can you please try
0 0 6,18 * * ?
(last asterisk exchanged with a question mark)

Let me know if it works.


Hi Nicolas,
I am able to save the schedule and its working as expected. Many thanks for your prompt response. :slight_smile: