Data Load issue in _CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES for file uploads

I’m trying to load some files, the model is correctly loaded with correct foreign key, have loaded both files with the same datatype ‘INTEGER’ for ‘_CASE_KEY’ column. While trying to load data, i’m facing the issue mentioned below:
Data model load failed during load to engine: Could not load data model. Load failed. Error Message: Error while joining table ‘PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL_xlsx_Export_Data’ with table ‘_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES_xlsx_Export_Data’. Data type of column ‘_CASE_KEY’ doesn’t match data type of column ‘_CASE_KEY’. Celonis Support ID: 8e12a1b3-589b-4720-be56-8b90a0fd6e7d

Please help.

Please ignore, issue got solved.