Custom Process Connection and Activity KPI

Dear Celonis-Team,

I want to visualize the percentages of Process Connections instead of their absolute values.
See the picture below:

However, I am too stupid to write the function for this - I would appreciate any help how to get to this result.
Have a great day and weekend!


I strongly assume that you’re not “too stupid” to achieve that :slight_smile:
It is more about how the process explorer works and how it visualizes the connections. The connection is 100% because all of these cases who take this path are directly connected to the activity.
For further support, can you please provide the PQL script that you are currently using?

Best regards,

Hey Viana,
thank you very much for the reply.
Unfortunately I do not have the PQL Script for that, but I want to have it :smile:
Currently I am working with this formula within the process explorer KPI:


However, this is calculating the % of the global case counts and not from the preceding or subsequent activity respectively.

My goal is to have use the case frequency of each activity and calculate the % of connections to all other subsequent activities.
In the picture above, assume 60% flow from Create Sales Order Item to Create Delivery and other 20% flow to Goods Issue and the rest 20% flow to the end. How can I get the % values of each connection and not their absolute values?

I hope you understand my problem.
All the best