Custom KPI/Dimension Name in OLAP Table/Column Chart

Hi dears,

I am not really sure how to custom field name in OLAP table.
I guess its syntax maybe likes “activity name” >= 100 as “Custom field name”
But I could not find a correct syntax to achieve this.

Could anyone give me some examples?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Louis,

I’m not quiet sure if I understand what you want to achieve, can you please give me an example using screenshots?

Thanks and best regards,


For instance, If I want to create a OLAP table, and custom its dimension by case count.
and its grouping logic I want it could like below.
case count equal 0 as Dimension 1
case count 1-5 as Dimension 2
case count 6-10 as Dimension 3
case count > 11 as Dimension 4

My question is, how I program kind of this syntax to achieve this result.
If you could give me some sample code is better.
I appreciate your help. Thank you very much.