CSV File Upload along with Data Connection

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I’m working on creating a Data model in the Sandbox environment where my Data Pool is directly connected to an Oracle Database. I’m extracting all the data from the Oracle Tables directly.
However, there is a requirement to upload another table not present in Oracle. This I’m doing by the File Upload Option in the same Data Pool.

Post successful upload, I want to write a Transformation Job on the Uploaded CSV File, But unfortunately that File is not appearing in the schema Explorer.
Can you please advice.


Thank You in advance.

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please check the xls table in your global schema but not schema of your data connection.
also, from global schema you can copy and rename the table to your DC’s schema. Details can be found in the online help documents.

Thank You @DennyLiao.

As suggested I tried with the global Schema. But I’m getting the following error.

Any idea why?

Hi Jayanta,

My understanding is that you cannot access data/table in global schema from schema generated from data connection. but you have to create a data job in global schema and access your data from that job.


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Hello @DennyLiao,

Thanks a lot for the help. It is now working.
Created a new Data Job for the Global Schema.SC3

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Jayanta Borkakoti