Creating Sub-Process Within Main Process

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I have a Sub Process which has no Link of Case Id with Main Process. But I know for Sure that this sub Process happens between to Activities of Main Process. Is there a way to get the sub process between these two activities of Main Process. I have a Case ID, Time Stamp and Activity Name for both Sub- process and Main Process. They dont have any similarities apart from all time stamp of Sub Process are between the Time Stamp of First activity and Time Stamp of Second Activity in between the sub process is happening.


in the first place, the subprocess has to be linked to the main case. However, it would be possible to merge subcases with maincases in the case table - on the one hand you would still just see sub- and maincase as 2 seperate cases and on the other hand merging a case table with 2 unlinked objects will most probably cause a lot of effort building validated and understandable analyses.

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