Creating a drop down Button for a specific table


I try to create a Button drop down component for just a specific table in my analysis. So when I filter with this button, just this specific table is effected. Can anyone help me how to implement this?

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Hi Sasan,

the only way to implement this would be by creating a variable and let the button dropdown write the selection to your variable. Then you can use that variable in the Component Filter of the desired table to filter it.

Proceed like this:

  1. Create a variable
  2. Let the button dropdown write the selection to this variable
  3. In the Component Filter of the table you want to filter, set the value to your variable.

Here is an example how to do so with filtering on the purchasing document category BSTYP:

  • New variable “FILTERVARIABLE”.
  • New Button Dropdown which write the selection (A or F or K or L) to “FILTERVARIABLE”. Use wrapping characters ‘’
  • Code in the Component Filter would look like this: FILTER “EKKO”.“BSTYP” = <%=FILTERVARIABLE%>

Hope this helps.

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Hello Benedict,

yes that helps.

Thank you for the answer.

Best Wishes,