Create sheet / component filter to include completed order items only


Dear Community,

For the KPIs in our O2C process we have created some dashboards, but would like to have only order items included that are fully processed, e.g. where the invoice is cleared.
I currently do this by using an activity selection in the filter which is not very practical.

Is it possible to have this as a component or sheet filter and how can I do it?

Thanks for your help and please excuse this beginner question.



Hello Michaela,

welcome to the Celonis Community!

You can use the MATCH_ACTIVITIES PQL function to filter on cases that flow through a certain activity.

The filter statement (which can be used in Component, Sheet and Analysis filters) looks like this:

FILTER MATCH_ACTIVITIES ( "<your activity table>"."<your activity column>" , NODE [ 'Clear Invoice' ] ) = 1 ;

You can find Documentation with more examples in the help space of your Celonis version (here for CPM4 or here if you’re on IBC).



Hello David,
Thank you for your quick reply and help
It works perfectly.
Best regards,