Create a timeseries linechart

I would like to see the workflow of 2 different task tables from SN in Celonis.
The Case table and the case_task table.

The issue i encounter is that the dimension Roundmonth (case record created) does a auto join for the case and task table (sounds logic). But all i want is a simple "excel"table to track the records.

How can i show the trend of 2 different tables based on both their creation date?


Thank you for your question!
In this case, can you create two Line charts with the rounded Creation Date as a dimension?
Then you should not have the issue of a join between the tables.
You could use ROUND_MONTH(“Casetable.Timstamp”) and in the other one ROUND_MONTH(“Case_tasktable.Timstamp”).

Best regards,

Celonis Data Science Team