Create a Date Based KPI from different Tables

Hello All, I would like to compare the #of sales orders created (with special condition) VBAP TABLE in june 2019 with number of goods issues created in june 2019 LIPS TABLE

Thanks upfront.

Hi @MarcoM,

Welcome to our community and thank for raising that question. Basically, you could count the number of values fulfilling that special condition using a

CASE WHEN condition THEN result_expression [ WHEN condition THEN result_expression ]* [ ELSE result_expression ] END

Statement. The Number of Goods Issues created without any conditions can be counted using a

COUNT(your column)

Statement. In case you would just like to count Distinct Values, you could add

COUNT( DISTINCT your column)

To guide you to a solution in a more detailed way, it would be great if you could provide some further information e. g. on the special condition you want to consider or on the reasons why you want to compare these values.

Hopefully, that’ll help you to solve your issue. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us again!

Best regards,