Count Variants by company code


I would like to create a table with a count of variants by Company Code but when I use the standard KPI “Number of process variants”, the number not corresponding to the total I have on the Variant Explorer.

Is it exist a simple formule to count the variants?

Thank you

I solved my issue with this formule:


Hi Laura,

exactly, the formula you have used is the one I would have suggested too :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Hi Laura,

I wonder why you get different results, as this is exactly the formula which is behind the “Number of Process Variants” KPI.
Can you please check again if you get different numbers by putting both formulas (the one you wrote and the predefined standard KPI) next to each other in an OLAP table?
Which version of Celonis (IBC, CPM4.5, …) are you using?

Thanks for your help and best regards

Hi David,

Bellow you can see the OLAP with in the first column the formule and the second one the standard KPI:

I am working on the version 4.5.