Count Table if request closed

Hi everyone,

I would like to add a line with a count all requests with a ‘closed date’ not null by month on my chart.

I tried with this formulation but it is not working:

CASE WHEN “name_table”.“closed_at” <> ‘NULL’ THEN COUNT_TABLE(“name_table”) ELSE 0 END

Hey Laura,

What is your Dimension, Is it also in the Name Table?

If yes, then you could just have as a Dimension


And as a KPI


The Count function doesn’t count NULL values.

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P.S.: If this doesn’t work, could you please provide the dimension in your reply and how the two tables are linked?

Hi Bene,

Thanks for your reply.

My dimension it’s the “created_on”.

I would like to know how many request of the request created in the month X are now closed.

So if I leave my dimension as “created_on”
and I add a KPI “Count (closed_at)”,

I should have the number of request closed in the month or the number of closed request which was open in the month (no matter closingdate)?

Hey Laura,

Then you would have the lather, the amount of closed request which were opened in that month. FYI: The aggregation is always dependent to your Dimension, the KPI is just the value which is aggregated.

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Hey Bene,

Thank you for your support