Count Filtered Cases

Helly everyone,

I am currently searching for an opportunity to display two filtered KPIs stacked on each other.
I have already found out about the stacking function.
Now I am struggling with counting the cases filtered within the formular.

I tried something like COUNT_TABLE(“Table1”(CASE WHEN “Table1”.“Filter_Column” = ‘Filter_Word’ THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)
I also tried it with the simple COUNT function as well.
Both do not work, respectively give the intended result (Count Table does not work, Count simply gives a number for every occurence of that criterion)

But what I want is the number of cases where that exact criterion is true.
As a background, my filter criterion is always valid for the whole case, so if one activity of a case has that criterion, every activity of that case will have it.
It actually seems so simple, but I just don´t get it right.

I am very thankful for your help.
Kind regards

Hi Matthias,

COUNT_TABLE accepts a table, not a column. You need to use COUNT, but replace 0 with NULL in the ELSE, because all values except NULL values are counted. This is the same issue as in Count specific activities . By changing this you should get the desired result.