Count activity through the whole process

The ACTIVATION_COUNT operator returns for every activity in every case, how many times, at a given point in a process this activity has already occurred. Is there a similar function that counts how many times the activity occurred for every case?

E.g. in this case, I used ACTIVATION_COUNT for the repetitions. Now the #2 is actually the total number of cases, as it means 2x at this point but it might be more. Is there a way to show when the activity happened exactly 2x (so exclude 3x, 4x, etc.)

Hi @rita.kiss,

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INFO: Note that ACTIVATION_COUNT is deprecated. Please use INDEX_ACTIVITY_TYPE instead in the future.

I have replicated your scenario with a demo model. You can use CALC_REWORK to get the correct result:

In this case, the PQL of my “# Repititions” KPI is as follows:


Please try this formula and see if it fits your needs.

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Data Science Team

Hi Data Science Team,
As I have all the change activities in the table (not just one, I included a filtered to one activity in the screenshot), the CALC_REWORK cannot have a filter to just one specific change activity - and without the filter, it just counts all the activities for the case, not just the one mentioned in the row - this solution doesn’t work. I will implement as a workaround together with a filter. Any other options I might try to show the whole table?

(I tried to use INDEX_ACTIVITY_TYPE but it gives me an invalid operator error. I assume because we use on-premise and not IBC.)

Thank you and kind regards!