Converting Units of Measures with MARM in P2P


Hi everyone, I would like to convert all purchase order quantities (EKPO.MENGE) to a central unit of measure (its weight in some units) whenever possible. We heard we could do so using the material master table MARM (Units of Measure for Material -> see here ). Did anybody do this before and could share a snippet? Thank you so much!


Hi Niklas,

you don’t even need MARM for converting all PO quantities to a base unit of measure, as the information stored in MARM is directly copied to the EKPO entry:

The quantity of the PO item is given in field EKPO.MENGE together with a unit in EKPO.MEINS. Additionally, each material has a base unit of measure which is stored in MARM, but also given in EKPO.LMEIN. To convert from the quantity in MEINS to the quantity in LMEIN, you can use the fields EKPO.UMREZ (Numerator for Conversion of Order Unit to Base Unit) and EKPO.UMREN (Denominator for Conversion of Order Unit to Base Unit) like so:


This can be done directly in the frontend, so you don’t even have to touch the P2P model.