Convert String to formula


I have a data field which includes the conformance check formula. The formula is generated by a python code (We are using the OnPrem Version not IBC/EMS).
Is it possible to take this data field to execute this formula in the analysis? Actually Celonis think it is a string and show the formula but not the result of the formula.

Thank you in advance.

KR Paul

Hi Paul,

I think it should work when you put this data field into a static value variable.
You can then use this variable at the place in the analysis where you want to put the query.


Hi Daniel,

thanks for you quick answer. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. The formula is not always the same in the table column. The formula has different parameter/arguments based on other data fields. If I use a static variable, it will be used only the first entry from the formula column. I have to map the correct formula to the corresponding data from another table.


Hi Paul,

if it’s different in every row, that doesn’t work then. You probably have two options then:

  1. Create a CASE WHEN containing which conformance formula should be used for which condition. You then have to push the formula to the component in your analysis. You have to get the TabkeChart object in python, and then add with the add_dimension() function. If you only want to do this once, you can just copy the CASE WHEN manually in the component in the CPM4 frontend.
  2. You can send each conformance query separately via python first and get the query results in python. Then write the results into the table you are pushing. The downside is that when the data in your data model changes, you have to execute the script again (but maybe you need to do this anyways?).