Convert Seconds to time

Hi Team,

I am working on uploading the file data to build eventlog in IBC. In the file, one of the file holds seconds and I would like to convert to time as hh:mm:ss, after that I need to add this time to existing timestamp to get the correct Eventtime in event log.

Example :
Field 1 Field 2
625 2019-11-20 13:41:25

  1. I need to convert field 1 (625) to Time format hh:mm:ss
  2. then add the time (in step1) to Field2 , this is not only adding, date should automatically change if the time exceeds 24 hrs

I tried with the possibility of using ADD_Seconds function but it throws message as the function does not exist.

Your suggestions are welcome!

Hi Mala,

could you please also provide a screenshot of the function you used, i.e., the whole ADD_SECONDS function?

Best Regards