Connecting a second SAP client

We have one SAP client connected already. Now we want to connect the second one, the same process (O2C). In this other client we have a separate business division, which we want to analyze separately. Current already existing analyses shouldn’t be influenced by this new data load. We will probably also want to have some analyses to compare the business divisions, but we will definitely need to be able to easily create analyses separately.

Will appreciate any guidance a lot.

I will outline below my understanding and will appreciate comments to it.

I understand that first of all we need to create the new connection. And from this instruction we only need to perform steps 1 and 6, because the server part is already there and it is not SAP client specific.

Then, for the moment, since we have a data load running every night, I will add a filter on the case table (VBAP) to only take data from the first client (MANDT = ‘CLIENTNUMBER’). Because, if I understand correctly, otherwise with the next data load the data will be right away pulled from the new client and will mess up my current analyses.

And then the rest I will need to configure in the data jobs. For those cases where the tables and process steps are exactly the same I can re-use already existing ones. But if there will be some specialties that should be different for this new business division, I guess I will need to modify current data jobs with conditions depending on the client. Or even create some new data jobs. For example, if they have some process steps that are not relevant for the first business division.

Does this sound right? Or am I missing something important?

Thank you very much in advance for any input.