Connect to CPM4.5 with pycelonis not possible

we want to connect from Python to Celonis with the new PYCELONIS
But if we try to connect to Celonis we just get the error, that we are not authorized to see also the Screenshot:

Thank you!

Hi JensBe,

I tried to reproduce your problem but was not able to:

Is the Celonis system reachable if you go to localhost:9000 in the browser on the same machine?
Is it possible that the API ID and API Key were switched when copying them?

Best regards,
Simon Riezebos

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Thanks Simon,
I used now also the Sysadmin, which was running smooth. Afterwards I created a new API Key for my user, and with this it is also running. So probably it was either a typo or I really switched the ID with the token…
Nevertheless, thank you for your screenshot and helping
Best Regards