Connect 1 table to 2 different tables

How can I connect 1 table( that connects all recored time) to two different tables?

We have a ServiceNow Timecard table which stores all worked time on a task.

But time can be spend on a request record as well as the underlying request task record.
I’m intressted to know how much time is spend for an request (taking time worked into account for the request record as well as the task record for the request)

The error i receive is: Data model load failed during load to engine: Could not load data model. Load failed. Error Message: Cycle in table joins detected. Cycle is within these tables: [“sc_req_item”, “sc_task”, “time_card”]. Celonis Support ID: ecb1aec8-c71d-42e8-bd91-41927de8ac51

It looks like Celonis is supporting a multiple table connection (I can make 2 different key relationships). Is this correct?

I don’t think you can connect them this way - Celonis doesn’t seem happy about creating loops with the tables. (We had the same issue with trying to connect the vendors table to both the P2P and AP cases in the same model.)
If I understand you correctly, task is lower level of item. In that case I would go for the case table as the lowest level table in the hierarchy, connect the time_card table to that one than use PU_SUM function to get the time on item level. (Or you would have to join the necessary information to both tables in the backend then use the PU_SUM).