Conformance query | Data load issue

Hi Team,

We are using the conformance checker for our project. In this we are using the conformance query in our OLAP table queries to gain further insights.
We have different conformance analysis in our workspace which we are currently performing the analysis on.

We pull data from these components which have the conformance query and push them back to the data model to create a collated view in the form of an overall dashboard.

The issue we are facing is after each data load the conformance query changes in the backend but it seems that it doesn’t change in the variable which we have stored it in. So prior to running the data pull script we have to go to the analysis, edit it, save the conformance query to the variable we created and then re-publish it again.

This manual step is affecting us in automatically running the data pull script for the dashboard as we have to save the conformance query into the variable again.

It would be great if you can look into what the issue is and provide some direction for the same.

Thanks in advance.

Soham Potdar