Conformance_New Process Models with Return Loops

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to set up a conformance analysis in Celonis.
Thereby, I want to create a new process model for comparison. I have the new process model only available as a graphical version of the target process.
However, as I am talking about an engineering process, return loops within this process are allowed and not a violation.
Basically, I need the opportunity to allow some of those return loops as conforming processes. Whitelisting every violation case is in this case very troublesome.
Therefore, I tried simply reconnecting the activities with arrows (see attached image) and gateways. Both do not seem to work.
If anyone created process models like this or might have an idea for me, I am very grateful.

Kind regards
Matthias Ertl

Hi Matthias,

I would recommend using the exclusive choice (the X-gateway), and put it before activity 2, and after activity 3. Then the arrow from activity 3 to activity 2 should go from the X-gateway after activity 3 to the X-gateway before activity 2.

I tried this before in Celonis and this works, please let me know whether you get this to work.


Hi Joosbuijs,

I just tried it. I had always used one gateway per loop.
With your tip, it seems to work! So, thanks a lot for your help!
For everyone else with the same problem, just do it according to the attached picture.

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Great to see/read that it helped!

I never like the ‘implicit’ split/join behavior when more than one arrow enters/exits an activity. Making it explicit like you did above helps!

PS: to make the process model perfect I would connect an end event (thick bordered circle) to the ‘end activity’ activity. :smiley: