Conformance Checker

Hi Team,

We are working with the conformance module in Celonis. I see an error msg popping in all my components saying that “Your model contains duplicate activities. Activity A occurs in the model 2 times, Activity B occurs in the model 3 times Please try to create a model without duplicate activities as it may cause severe performance issue”

In my reference model, I have used duplicate activities however they are a part of different sequence flows (e.g. two different paths after split using exclusive gateways) and also for some instances the activities can happen again in the sequence flow.

Can you help me understand this error msg in detail and how exactly does it affect the performance issues?

Thank you in advance…!

Soham Potdar

Hello Soham,

first of all, it is a warning message, not an error. So when you are not experiencing any performance issues, you can safely ignore it.

Having duplicate activities in the model can lead to slow performance, e.g. if the model is complex anyway or you have huge amounts of data. The warning should guide users who experience slow loading analyses to the possible cause of the performance issue.


Hey David,

Thanks for the response. That clears my confusion :slight_smile: