Conditional formula based on selections


Is it possible to have component value conditioned by selections from a button dropdown?

Ex: Button Dropdown (Country) options: Portugal / Spain / German

  • If Portugal selected -> “VBAP”.“BUS_UNIT_TEXT” IN (‘FA’, ‘PA’)
  • If Spain selected -> “VBAP”.“BUS_UNIT_TEXT” IN (‘DI’, ‘MC’)
  • If German selected -> “VBAP”.“BUS_UNIT_TEXT” IN (‘SI’, ‘CP’)
    Multiple selection possilbe.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
João Bué

Hi João,

Many thanks for contacting us. It is possible to display the dimensions by selecting from a button dropdown. Assuming that the component is an OLAP table you can proceed with the following:

  1. Create two variables, example “country_title” and “contry_val”
    Select Variables -> Create New variable -> input the name and variable type as text_replacement -> save

Repeat for country_val

  1. Once the variables are created, add the button dropdown component. Select a name according to the country, button action = set variable.
  2. We select the variable contry_val and insert value the corresponding table. Example:

    Then we add the country_title by selecting “Add another variable"
  3. We repeat the same steps for Spain and Germany
  4. Finally, we create an OLAP table. With the dimension name as <%=Country_Title%> and the editor <%= Country_val %>

I hope this helps,


Hello v.kalversberg,

I understand your presented solution, but by changing the button from “Load Bookmark” to “Set Variable” we lost the filter selection that is normally presented on the top bar and it will not be possible to select multiple values.

The goal is to present a value on simple Text Component, based on the multiple selections or not, done on the Country button.

João Bué