(Component) Filter on specific customers approximate match


Hello everyone,

I would like to have two tables with some information regarding customers. One table should only show internal customers and the other table should show only external customers.
Is there a possibility to apply a (component) filter which says filter on customer name which contains at least “meyer” (so the customer name can be meyer italy, meyer france etc.). I know how to filter on specific customers but I would like to have something like an approximate match with my filter criteria.

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You can use LIKE statement in the filter. FILTER “customer name field” LIKE ‘meyer’ will select only customers with ‘meyer’ in the company name. you can also join multiple LIKEs via OR. FILTER “customer name field” LIKE ‘meyer’ OR “customer name field” LIKE ‘abc’


Hi Nick,

thank you very much. LIKE and NOT LIKE worked well!