Component Filter: Crop Process


I’d like to create a component filter to filter a dashboard sheet and its KPIs for a Subprocess.
E.g. our KPI “Touchless Order Rate” should only be calculated for the subprocess “process start” to “create delivery”.
I can get the right result, if I use the crop selection but I want to have this as a component filter.

Can anyone help me with the right PQL filter formula?

Thanks ,

Hi Carina,

you can try to use the following Filter. It will filter for the Subprocess that starts with the specified activity A and ends with a defined activity B.

FILTER PU_FIRST ( “Case Table”, “Activity Table”.“Column Activity Name” ) = ‘Activity A’ AND
PU_LAST ( “Case Table”, “Activity Table”.“Column Activity Name” ) = ‘Activity B’

If you need further support, feel free to reach out to us!



Hi Justin,

thank you, it worked!

Best regards,